Pen Pal Program

How do I become a detention pen pal?

DC DVN Pen Pal Volunteers must complete the full DC DVN training program, which consists of one session. Please visit the Events section of this  website for information about when training sessions will be held, and how to RSVP. DC DVN requests that volunteers be consistent in their letter writing with detained immigrants, with interest in writing once per month for a period of at least four months. Pen pal volunteers should also report back to the DC DVN monthly about their activities and any updates on individuals' status. Generally, detainees will request pen pals, and DC DVN will provide trained volunteers with the names of individuals to whom they can write. If there are no upcoming training sessions scheduled, please let us know you're interested in being a pen pal by completing and submitting the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM. After your application has been received a member of the DC DVN will be in touch to talk about next steps.


Pen Pal resources

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